Simple DIY Baby Shower Decorations You Can Make!

DIY Baby Shower Decorations

If you are looking for saving some money on your next baby shower, I have put some do it yourself projects/crafts on this site to help you cut your budget a little bit.

Here are some DIY baby shower decorationsinvitation cards, decorations, cakes or favors.  Don’t forget you can diy baby shower food also!

Making crafts is not for everyone, I know.  Some of you might think you have no talent in that sort of thing, and some of you might have no time.  I made many do it yourself baby shower projects and I have noticed that my time is precious, and I could of done something more important in the baby shower planning process.

Also, some people think diy crafts are ‘tacky’, and I must agree that some are, depending on how you do them and how artistic and detailed you are.

I always try to help the gals how to diy as much as I can, so in my posts, I will provide step by step baby shower instructions and will tell you if it’s worth your time or not.  I also will provide a time, cost, difficulty level.

diy baby shower crafts

Time: How long would it take for each item to make (depending on your craft skills of course!)

Cost: Free, Inexpensive, Expensive

Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Cost vs Time: Is it worth doing the project (Yes or No), if No then, in my opinion, it’s worth buying

DIY Baby Shower Crafts and Projects

With time I will be listing all the do it yourself projects that I will make and categorize them…here are a list of DIY baby shower.