Easy DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces – You can Recreate!


The celebration of the expecting new bundle of joy is something that everyone is happy to celebrate. The baby shower event is celebrated by different religions and regions before the arrival of the new baby.

diy baby shower centerpieces

Baby Shower Centerpieces

The preparation of this party is fun, well most of the time… There are different centerpieces that can be used while decorating the tables for the guests. With diy baby shower centerpieces, which you can make at home, you can give a unique and special look to this amazing event.  Below centerpiece is the simplest you can make; Buy some Mason jars, add a bit of paint inside the jar, swirl the paint around to cover it completely, flip it over to let it dry.  Embellish it with ribbon and other decors, add some fresh cut flowers and you have a pretty and cheap centerpiece.  You can add a round or square mirror or add some mini candles around it to give more of a complete look.

diy baby shower centerpieces    baby shower centerpieces diy

Image by FawnoverBaby.com     Poms Poms + Paper Lanterns + Honeycomb

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpieces

At specialty stores there are a numerous beautiful ready made baby shower centerpieces available. However, if you are interested in creating the homemade baby shower centerpieces then there are also different unique ideas that can be used for this purpose.

Creating the homemade baby shower centerpieces shows your personal skills, creativity, and dedication for hosting this shower. One of the basic things that you need to decide while creating the centerpieces is the baby shower theme.

Marquee letters are my favorite. You can spell out the word BABY, baby’s name or just the first letter.  Great addition to nursery also.

DIY baby shower centerpiecebaby shower decoration ideas



DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece                   Baby Shower Decoration Ideas – LED Letter

It is necessary that while creating the homemade baby shower centerpieces the gender of the new baby should be kept in mind, again the theme of the baby shower should have the appropriate colors if it’s a boy, girl or neutral (if one does not know the gender or does not want the traditional pink/blue). This will help you create a centerpiece based those colors.

diy baby shower centerpiece sticks

DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece Sticks

These sticks can be used as centerpieces with anything you can imagine.  In a vase with flowers or candy, or add it to a mini baby shower diaper cake to add on each guest table.

Baby Shower Flower Arrangements Centerpieces

Using the combination of different flower arraUnique Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideasngement is a classic yet elegant idea. This is also easiest for you to create. If you are using fresh flowers, you can use the green foam to stick or pin the flowers in it. To keep the flowers fresh you need to soak the foam piece into the water. You can buy them almost anywhere, they come in different shapes and sizes, but I usually take the one in a block as you can cut to whatever size you want.

Another simple arrangement is a clear tall vase with water, add few drop of red or blue to make light pink or light blue and add a floating votive candles.  You also add few flowers to give it an extra lovely affect. Another alternative is vase with water pearls plus underwater LED Lights. Place it on circular or square mirror and add some mints for the guests to have later on.

diy baby shower centerpieces

Made up of these products (click on image to see description):

Or how about these simple but elegant vellum lampshades.  Just add LED lights as above in a simple wine glass.  You can add a square mirror and some crystals (or baby confetti) to spice it up!

Other Ideas for Baby Shower Centerpieces

If flowers are not your thing, you can make a simple centerpiece with specialty boxes as shown below.  This gives the height you are looking for.  You can add ribbons, sparkles and maybe even a stuffed animal on top.

diy baby shower centerpieces

Other unique diy baby shower centerpieces are to decorate the table with toys, books or stuffed animals – this would be left as gifts for the mom after the party. You can also create different shaped toys or animals with any material like plastic, wood, cardboard, etc. Again think of your theme to color coordinate.

Lastly, for the candy bar or buffet table, usually the baby shower cake is the centerpiece or cupcakes arranged in a pyramid format on an elegant cupcake stand.

diy baby shower centerpieces

Hope this helps you getting your creative juices flowing…and if you have amazing diy baby shower centerpieces, I would surely love to hear about them!


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    Super cute ideas! 🙂 I like how soft and delicate the color schemes are! Nowadays, although it’s better to DIY stuff to get the exact look you are aiming for, sample ideas like these are just as lovely. It’s also good that ready-made items are already a click away. That way, you don’t have DIY from scratch and just assemble and mix and match stuff. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

    • Terry says:

      I haven’t come around to show how to do DIY centerpieces step-by-step. It’s on my to do list. However, I hope the viewers can get some ideas from this post annd make their own.

      I will surely edit this post with some DIY’s

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