Unique and Easy Printable Baby Shower Games


With the wonderful age of the internet, it has become easy for people in this modern world to find about anything, which includes unique and easy printable baby shower games. There is no doubt that today the internet has served as a huge source of ideas, advises, and recipes.

easy printable baby shower games

Easy Printable Baby Shower Games

You can find thousands of different baby shower games online. More and more hostesses are trying to find the top fun baby shower games for this celebration, and indeed games have become an important element to the planning.

Games for baby showers play a special role because they bring laughter and entertainment for the family and friends of the parents to be. The hunt for the best baby shower games has become a lot easier with the printable baby shower games option.

printable baby shower game pack

Printable Baby Shower Game Pack

By playing different fun games, your guests will surely thank you due to the ultimate fun they will experience with it (and of you are if you are taking pictures or filming them – boy or boy what memories!)

Baby Shower Guessing Games

One of the most popular games used as the printable baby shower games is based on the knowledge of the guests. How well do you know the mother to be is one of the most interesting and played games of the baby shower party.  In this game, the guests have to answer about the mom, such as what is her favorite color, song, movie, etc.

who knows mommy best baby shower game

Who Knows Mommy Best Baby Shower Game

Baby Shower ‘Price is Right’ Game

You could also play ‘Price is Right’.  This game would require few baby items (about a dozen would do) and you place them on a table.  You place the same amount of price tags with the actual prices of the items (mixed up of course) and each guest has to match the correct price to the correct object.  Baby items can be pacifier, bottle, blanket, etc. Tip:  to make it harder, try to get items that are all in the same price range!

Here is another version of the baby shower Price is Right game:

easy printable baby shower games

Price is Right Baby Shower Game

Baby Shower Scrabble

This game is letters scrambled of a baby related word.  Example would be;

C I A P E R I F  answer: PACIFIER

Baby Shower Bingo

Of the printable baby shower games the baby bingo is an all-time classic and it’s very easy. In this game each guest will have a different bingo card. You can easily download them from the internet and can print these cards. The mother will call out the baby related words and the guest who fills out a line (straight or diagonal) will win. If you are having a unique baby shower theme, you can find fun baby shower games here.

printable baby shower game

Printable Baby Shower Games

Nursery Rhyme Game

Another interesting easy printable baby shower games includes remembering nursery rhymes titles. So guests must pick their brains. The guest who remembers most of the nursery rhymes will be considered as the winner.

Another variation to play this game is to pick a line and leave certain blank words on the paper. The guests have to fill the missing words of the nursery rhymes. There are numerous easy printable baby shower games that provide such games.  You can easily customize these games to your liking.

Don’t forget to prepare or buy some baby shower giveaway gifts for the winners.

Hope this will give you some ideas on what to play at your baby shower.  If you are looking for more baby shower games and activities check out some here.  Enjoy!

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