Top 5 Baby Shower Games to Rock your Party!


One of the exclusive and attractive features of a baby shower party are the games played. Guests expect different fun baby shower games while attending such party. With some unique and fun games to rock your baby shower party this event can become more enjoyable for the guests. Here are top 5 baby shower games:

Baby Scramble Word Game

Diaper Changing Relay Contest

This one is my favorite for coed baby showers.  Let’s see how the dad’s compare to the mom’s.  Each theme boy and girl, has one doll and diaper.  Each team member has to take turns changing the diaper as fast as possible however has to be attached properly.  Then when one member for the team finishes, then he tags his teammate, and that teammate is next to change the diaper until all the team members have done it.  The one that finishes first, WINS!

Variation to this game are;

1.     Blindfolded – each member when arriving at the changing table puts on blind folds – this is hilarous

2.     Have a ‘dirty diaper’ with some neutela spread on it, or something similar to that.

3.     Cloth diapers with pins (much harder than disposable diapers)

Pacifier and Word Game

This game is fun to play.  Each guest when arriving to the venue receives a pacifier that hangs around their neck.  The host advises them what word you can’t mention during the party, such as the word ‘baby’.  If a guest catches the other guest saying that word, they get to keep the person’s pacifier.  The object of the game is to have as many pacifiers hanging around their neck at the end of the party. You can also play this game with mini clothes pins instead of pacifiers.

Baby Animal Game

Write a list of animals and the guests will have to write down the name of the baby of that animal.  Example: for Giraffe, the baby is calf.

Some guests will ‘cheat’ by using their phones, so have an eye on them!

Who Knows Mommy the Best

The one throwing the baby shower must know the mom very well, however let’s see how her friends and family know her best.

List a dozen or questions or so (you can print them to save time) on the mom to be.

Here are few examples;

1.     What elementary school did Emma go to?_________________

2.     What is her favorite movie? ____________________________

3.     What is her favorite color? _____________________________

4.     What pet did she have as a child?________________________

5.     Who did she want to be growing up? _____________________

The possibilities are endless, you can make them hard or easy, that’s all up to you.  The one who gets the most correct answer wins!

who knows mommy best game
Who Knows Mommy Best Shower Game

 Guessing The Gifts Given By The Party Attendants

It is common for the mother to open the gifts in front of the guests during the shower.  So why not make a game out of it! For this game you will have to arrange all the gifts brought by the guests on a table and the guests will be guessing what could be inside the gift. Have all the gifts numbered with place cards and distribute note pads to guests for them to write their answers.  Give a heads up to some relatives to pack their gifts in an ‘unusual’ way to make it more difficult for the guests to guess!

Hope these fun top 5 baby shower games will help you decide on which one to play.  Don’t forget the prize giveaways!

The Price is Right Baby Shower Game
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  1. ariefw says:

    Hi Terry,

    I really love your website. You always give fantastic ideas for me to use.

    Changing diapers will be a fun game, especially for the guys. Yes. I invited not only female to the baby shower.

    Who knows Mommy is also a fun game because our guests are really close with us. It will be a riot when they are trying to be the first to answer.

    Thank you.