That little angel in pink, they are sweet and they are beautiful and, when it comes to gifts, they deserve simply the best. That’s why there’s always a good choice of baby shower gifts for girls to purchase no matter what the occasion. That is not to say that there aren’t good baby boy gift selections, but little girl gifts have a tendency to be unique since there seems to be a wider choice.

So regardless of whether you’re enjoying a new birth, going to a baby shower or celebrating a baptism, you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for baby gifts for girls. What’s going to make your gift memorable? You don’t need to worry about any of that with regards to buying these items.

Personalize it!

Ah, one of my favorite are gifts with personalized or monograms on them. I have find they are very special and thoughtful gifts you can give the parents to be. Of course you will need to know the baby’s name beforehand. You can find them in specialty stores which can be expensive or you can find them here

Here are a few I like;

personalized baby blankets for girlspersonalized elephant baby blanket - girl

Personalized Baby Blankets for Girls – 1000’s to choose from!

personalized monogram baby nursery pillow - girlpersonalized elephant baby pillow - girlpersonalized birth stats baby pillow photo

Personalized Baby Pillows for Girls – 1000’s to choose from!

personalized baby girl clothing

Personalized Baby Girl Clothing – 1000’s to choose from!

Baby Jewelry

Girls love jewelry, give that beautiful baby girl her first bling item! Lovely bracelet, earrings or necklace. They can be made of gold, silver, pearls or even these Swarovski crystals. Can you even imagine the look of mom when she opens this gift!

swarovski baby gifts

Baby Bracelets

Make It Unique

Once you go to buy a great gift for just that little girl, you’ll be able to often wonder what an excellent gift would entail. What would baby girl and mommy like these days? What are the latest products on the market? What theme will really make your present be noticeable?

“Forever Baby Welcome Wagon”-Girl

The manufacturers realize what’s in, and what’s not, and the greatest sellers are generally what you need to go for. Search all our baby best sellers.

Keepsakes for Girls

For that little princess with her carriage. Lovely momento that will be kept for years. ‘my first tooth’ and ‘my first curl’. Well constructed, silver pewter, inside lined in blue velvet, 5″ long.

Fairytale Coach Keepsake

Cute Baby Shower Gifts

Little girls are so cute and adorable just like dolls. It is no surprise that mommy often likes to dress her baby girl up. So find a little cute dress and with these irresistible shoe socks.

Baby Girl Plush Toy Cute Shoe Sock Set

Baby Shower Gift Sets for Girls

Once you are purchasing gift sets, you have several alternatives; not just the themes and colors. You are able to find girl gift sets that include items for the parents to help raise the child, you are able to discover items that will maintain the little one busy when the baby is sleeping within the crib or bored and you can even locate items that include gifts for both the parents as well as the child.

19 piece Newborn Gift Set

There are also gift sets that price varying amounts so you should be able to discover one within your budget. The end result of your search for this perfect and cool baby gift is something that is heartfelt and given in love.

Make mom happy by buying her cute ruffled diaper covers with cute head piece. This will make great pictures for their album.

Ruffled Diaper Cover

Funny Baby Gifts for Girls

I love, love to give funny gifts. I think they are so unique. And usually I am the only one with this unique gift. The reaction of each guest is priceless. You can have onesies, t-shirts or bibs with different humorous sayings.

Funny Onesie for Girls Funny Baby Shower Gift for Girls

Something Pink

Just like for boys the color is blue, pink is for girls. I think I have never heard a woman that doesn’t like pink for a girl. The soft pastels are pretty on any baby. Cute little outfits can be bought with matching hat or bandana.

Smile for the Picture

Parents will take many, many pictures of their little bundle of joy. Why not give them something special such as stickers they can stick to their clothes to commemorate each step of babies life. You can also get them chalkboard signs they can print with lots of information on them…here are a few examples;

25 pieces – Monthly Baby Stickers Monthly Baby Chalkboard

Baby Shower Gift Baskets for Girls

Lastly there are the full proof gift, which is the baby gift basket. These are pretty much all-in-one gift that you can buy online and possibly even delivered to the mom at her house.

Moses Basket Deluxe (Princess)

Ribbons & Bows – Baby Gift


When the tiny one likes to keep busy. Give mom some free time while she does her little chores with this playmat gift. Colorful, makes sounds and many textures and items to touch.

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

I hope these are some baby shower gifts for girls that you use when you shop for your next gift for that precious girl.

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