What to give at a baby shower


What to Give at a Baby Shower?

If this is your first time attending a baby shower, you might feel a bit nervous on what to give at a baby shower. That is completely normal, and hopefully you can be guided in buying something special and memorable. So if you are looking for baby gifts for boys, girls or unisex, you will surely find great ideas on this site for baby shower gifts.

Baby Gift Set

You can give almost anything related to babies; diapers, bibs, blankets, rocker, stroller, playpen, toys, diaper cakes, etc…There are many baby gifts that are cute and very affordable. Gift baskets with baby items can be something of interest or baby gift sets. But if you are looking for unique baby shower gift ideas, click here.


Personalized Blanket

Baby’s Well Being Comes First

Not all exceptional baby gifts are safe. After all, a few baby items are tainted today and they’re not healthy for those little ones – at times you hear about recalls on baby items. You should always verify first if newborn baby products are safe. At times it can be difficult to find out. Products like Fisher Price, Baby Einstein and Vtech are always a good purchase and they are safe.

Fisher Price

These issues create actual risks on the well being of the newborn so please be cautious. Just before you purchase any kind of gift, you must always look at the product labels. Ensure that the labels mention non-toxic along with hypo-allergenic. Organic items are always a safe bet. Think of bamboo. Here are couple of organic items you might want to buy;

Bamboo Baby Shower Gift Set
Bamboo Washcloths

Even though warranties like these do not provide complete assurance that the baby product is actually safe, your conscious can be cleaned as you carried out your share of caution on the subject of ordering baby items. In the event the label of the product doesn’t state non-toxic as well as hypo-allergenic or your gut feeling does say something is not right, just stay away from that gift. It really is usually much better to be safe rather than sorry.
Video Baby Monitor

Aside from reading product labels, you need to likewise verify exactly who produced these goods. You need to realize that numerous manufacturers have a variety of quality guidelines. To keep on the less dangerous side of things, order solely baby gifts which are built from trustworthy as well as well-known organizations. Other name brands are Johnson & Johnson, Burt’s Bees.

Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Johnson & Johnson Gift Basket

Think About Cost

In spite of the fact that all of us really like to pamper these babies and everything is so darn cute, many of us cannot truly afford to order those highly priced items. Moreover, newborns grow extremely quick and they have a tendency to grow out of the items which you give to them within just several months therefore one of the most realistic thing to do could be to buy those low-cost items but must be good quality gifts. If not, you can always buy for 3-6 months old.

Hopefully the question of what to give at a baby shower has been answered! Let me know what you are planning to buy!

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