Cute Baby Shower Corsage Ideas


At a baby shower party the mother to be is usually the guest of honor and this a special day for her.  One way to make her stand out and feel honored is by giving her a corsage.  Here are some cute baby shower corsage ideas that can help you find the one you are looking for.

baby shower corsage ideas

Baby Shower Corsage

Cute Baby Shower Corsages Online

When you have a large number of guests, all the guests might not know each other. Therefore it would also be a good ideas to have a baby shower corsage for the dad, the grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, little brother / sister, …This will help the guest to identify who all the family members quickly.

cute baby shower corsage

Cute Baby Shower Corsage

There are numerous baby shower corsages for every theme. Here are is a list and a few shown here;

For the Little Man Theme, there are a few choices of corsages.  Colors are blue and lime or black and blue.

little man baby shower corsage

Little Man Baby Shower Corsage

baby shower corsage for mom

Baby Shower Corsage for Mom

For the Jungle/Safari theme you have many choices with different color coordinated colors such as orange, green and zebra stripe patterns;

safari jungle baby shower corsages

Safari Jungle Baby Shower Corsage

How to Make A Baby Shower Corsage

If you want to try to make your own baby shower corsage, there are few things you should take into consideration.

You should create a corsage that goes well with the theme and the gender of the baby.

Baby Shower Corsage Supplies

You would require different items like ribbons/fabric, flowers, floral tape, hot glue gun, floral wire, scissors, safety pins, etc. These items are easily available at different stores and online.

One trick you do is add a personalized button the corsage with the mom’s name or even baby shower date

baby shower button baby shower buttons  baby shower corsage ideas  baby shower corsage idea

Baby Shower Corsage Step by Step

The first step is to position the wire that you will cover around the flower stems. You can position the flowers in the way that looks good to you. This is again your choice that you tie these flowers together by using hot glue gun or you tie these flowers by using the fabric ribbon. To avoid for the knot to come apart, you should glue it. You can also use the safety pin on the hot glue to keep the knot at its position. Next you can add ribbons and embellishments.  Different mini plastic baby items such mini pacifiers can be added to the corsage.

Wording can be;


Mom to Be

Dad to be

Granny to be


Lil Sis

Lil Brother

Or you can use their actual names, such as Emma’s Grandma

Baby Shower Wrist Corsage

Another easy and unique way is to use the idea of a wrist corsage. The best part about the wrist corsage is that they are easy to make. The main wrap around would be done with fabric, ribbon or tulle.  I like tulle as it’s easier to tie it to the wrist and you can always cut the excess off.

baby shower wrist corsage

Baby Shower Wrist Corsage

Lastly, there are so many ways you can make baby shower corsage ideas – you just have to use your imagination!  Here are more baby shower decoration ideas that might help you for your party!

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