Baby Shower Decoration Pictures to Give You Ideas


It’s true that parents want to remember the moments they have spent at their baby shower celebration. A common problem the parents have, they cannot be at every table mingling during this beautiful event.  So they sometimes miss out on special moments.  Pictures are a souvenir of the occasion, even baby shower decoration pictures are important. Here are some examples:

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As you can see they have decorated with pompoms, balloons, paper lanterns, garlands…to add to the ambiance.

One of the best ways to make these moments memorable is to have someone take pictures.  These can be baby shower decoration pictures, cake pictures, buffet table, games and activities…With the baby shower pictures the parents to be will be able to preserve the memories of this event. This will also help them to recall in the future all those memories.

baby shower decoration pictures for girls

Baby Shower Pictures Taken by a Professional or Amateur

You might be thinking what is the best way to take the baby shower pictures. Then the answer would be to hire the services of the professional photographer for this beautiful event. This is because he or she is an expert and would provide you with quality pictures. Hiring a professional photographer can be expensive for some people, and it’s understandable.

Another alternative, if you are looking for a cost effective method to preserve the memories, you can assign the duty of any family member to take the pictures or you can kindly ask one of the guests to take pictures.  Many people have photography as a hobby, I’m sure one of the guests will be glad to take pictures.

Lastly, disposable cameras. This is a unique baby shower idea that many hosts forget. These cameras should be placed on every table of the guests. This will help the parents to be to get different shots of the guests attending the baby shower.  You can write a note such as: Make some memories for Emma’s Baby Shower

Here are a few decor ideas on how to set up a candy bar and buffet table.

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Quality Baby Shower Pictures with Digital Cameras

These day digital cameras are the way to go. With the digital camera you will be able to take as many pictures of the baby shower event as you want to. These pictures then can easily be transferred to the computer without any cost. With this option you can choose the pictures that you want to print, and can avoid the unnecessary pictures of the baby shower.

Few baby shower cake pictures…

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas with Pictures

As a host, you can give a gift to the parent by printing the pictures and putting them in a beautiful baby shower album.  I would suggest to organize the baby shower pictures  using a chronological order.   Or if you are crafty, you can make a scrapbook with those pictures and add some wording.  Maybe you can ask the guests to have some baby advice for the future parents and add them to the scrapbook.


Here as some more ideas with baby shower decoration pictures and baby shower room pictures…

  baby shower decoration pictures little man baby shower theme


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