Simple Baby Shower Decoration Ideas


No doubt for a mother to be a baby shower says a lot. For the expectant parents the baby shower is considered as one of the most joyful moments. But for the hostess it can be a bit stressful as it includes the preparation and planning for the baby shower. Using different and unique baby shower decorations ideas is one of the major tasks involved in the successful baby shower shower decoration ideas
If you are willing to make the baby shower event memorable and appealing, then it is necessary that this celebration should be embellished in a well-mannered way.  Here is an example of a clever decoration. The individual blocks here are 4.5 inches tall so a tower of 4 would be almost 2 feet tall. Total height will vary by the number of blocks stacked.

baby shower centerpiece ideas

Unique Baby Shower Decorations

There are different things that you should keep in mind while using different baby shower decoration ideas for this event. You can chose a neutral color scheme for the shower or pink or blue depending of the gender of the baby.  Most parents want to know the gender before delivery, as its easy with the advance technology we have these days.

unique baby shower decorations ready to pop favors

These days with technology, parents to be want to known the gender, so this becomes easier to plan the perfect baby shower theme. However, it is necessary to keep the personality of the mother to be in mind so to make sure that the baby shower decoration ideas will be liked by her. There are different themes from which you can choose, there is a whole list on this unique baby shower theme ideas page. However when it is about selecting the decorations of the baby shower, then you should not go overboard, and should remain simple, especially if your budget does not allow it!

baby shower paper rosettes  unique baby shower decorations

Baby Shower Paper Rosettes

If it’s a baby girl, then using the fairytale, princess, and polka dot design decorations go well. For the boys you can maybe pick themes like super heroes, cars, sports, jungle safari, etc.

The venue selected for the baby shower should be decorated with the unique baby shower decorations ideas you have for the chosen theme. Themed decorating supplies would be fabrics, Pom Poms/Tissue Paper Flowers,balloons, streamers, banners, etc. One of the best tip to decorate a baby shower is to have matching centerpieces on the decorating tables. Another idea is to use the baby gift baskets, or stork centerpieces, diaper cakes, confetti and other things like that. You can purchase different baby shower decorations from the local party shop, however I find them very cheap looking and everyone knows where you bought them.   I always like to wow the guests!

baby shower decoration ideas

You can of course find the baby shower decoration items on the online stores.  This is my preferred choice as I get the latest designs and shipped at my door.  Time is precious especially in this day and age. On the internet stores a have a large variety of shower games, shower supplies, shower favors, etc. and are available well 24/7!

Another plus point of using the internet is that you can easily find modern baby shower decorations at a good price.  Check out some more unique baby shower decoration ideas.

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