Food to Serve at a Baby Shower


Baby showers are a lot of fun for the family and close friends. In a baby shower celebration different games are planned, gifts are bought, decorations are used, and a wonderful menu is prepared. It is up to you, the host, to choose the food to serve at a baby shower. With some creativity, research, and patience one can easily plan a wonderful menu for this amazing celebration.

Food To Serve At A Baby Shower According To Selected Theme

food to serve at a baby showerWhen trying to figure out what to serve at a baby shower, the first thing you should know is the type of baby shower theme you are planning to use.  This is a great start especially when you have to buy or make and decorate a cake.  So if you have your theme in mind, you can easily prepare the food to serve at a baby shower that can easily go well with the theme.

You also have to know how many guests will be participating (you have to have your theme baby shower cake big enough). So start creating your guest list!

Baby Shower Menu Ideas

baby shower appetizersAfter getting the total count on your guest list, see if a sit down lunch/dinner is feasible or simple buffet style.  A sit down with full course meal is more work as you need to do place settings, find tables/chairs, centerpieces for each table, etc.  Buffet style, with finger foods and appetizers are often a good choice if you do not want to have the hassle of table settings.

baby shower menu ideasOnce you are done with the baby shower logistics, then the next thing that you need to figure out is how much time you can give to this awesome day.  Are you going to cook and prepare all the food, are you getting some help (maybe even potluck). I recommend to do minimal cooking on the day of the party since you will be tied up with many more things.  This beautiful afternoon tea, luncheon, brunch or dinner can be easily served as long as you get yourself organized. However, it is suggested that you plan the menu days or even weeks in advance before the party. There are some dishes that do well even if they are prepared ahead time. These foods include the meat trays, sandwiches, vegetable platters, cracker platters, cheese, cold soups, salads, etc.


Those who do not want to spend their time cooking for the baby shower can also hire the services of a food caterer. With the serving of some hot dishes at the time of the baby shower.  This will also include the minimal efforts your part (on the food side at least).

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