Unique Party Decorations for a Baby Shower


party decorations for a baby showerWhen we talk about decorating, you might want to do some research for some ideas on unique party decorations for a baby shower. The best way to celebrate this event is to use some unique ideas that can wow the party guests.  This can be done with a specific theme such as nautical for boys or princess for girls or color scheme like pink and gray for a girl, or soft yellow and gray for unknown gender of the baby.

Elegant Baby Shower Decorations for Girls

For instance, if you know the baby shower is a baby girl, then the decorations used in the celebration should give a more a ‘feminine’ look such as a princess theme, shabby chic, or hot pink and lime. So you can use lots of pink (light pastel or darker) for the party decorations and can give the girlish look to the party. Click here to find all themes for girls and their decorating ideas.

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Some of my favorite decorations are paper lanterns, tissue paper Pom Poms you make yourself and honey comb.  These can be bought in bulk.  If you have time, the pom poms can be made.

 Cute Baby Shower Decorations for Boys

Same pattern should be followed when you are hosting for a baby boy. You can use unique decoration ideas for boys. More and more we find unique baby shower themes for boys.  A list is available here to help you find the one you like most.  It can be prince charming, “little man”, jungle boy, nautical theme and so on.  If blue color is not what you are looking for, you can always go with a black and white theme or maybe yellow and black.  If the mom has favorite color, this might help you plan the shower with that color in mind.




Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Unknown Gender /Unisex

What if the parents want to be surprised and not know the gender of the baby?  You might think this might complicate things for you, but actually you might have even more themes to choose from.  This list of baby shower themes.  The best thing is to organize this celebration with a neutral theme that can go well with both the genders – maybe brown and white (burlap decorations).  One simple theme is the “Gender Reveal” – boy or girl? And with this question, you can make a baby shower game for the guests to guess the baby’s gender (they can also guess what day it will be born, what time: morning, afternoon or night, what will the baby’s name be if girl or boy, etc).


Party Decorating Ideas – Best Value for Your Money

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is cost and where to find the best deals and best quality for the decorations. The party decorations for a baby shower should be tailored to the theme, gender and obviously your budget.  You can save on decorations and favor costs if you make them yourself, but be careful for them not look ‘tacky’ or cheap.  You don’t want for the guest to say: “I can’t believe she bought them from the dollar store”.  If you are crafty this might work, but if you are not, then there is a possibility that it will not turn out the way you want them to.

Decorating a baby shower is also about food. As the candy bar will be probably the main attraction.  You can save by baking cupcakes, cookies and even a beautiful cake.

little man baby shower themeblue baby shower theme ideas for boys

Last tip for saving money on decorations is to buy in bulk such as Kisses Milk Chocolates in bulk.  Just like food, when you buy in bulk, it is cheaper.  Also you can find deals and specials online.

Hope this gives you few ideas, and would love to hear from you on what type of decorations you have picked, made or liked the best!

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