Baby Shower Monkey Theme – Girl, Boy, Unisex, Sock Monkey


Everyone likes baby showers even if they don’t admit it! It’s a time to socialize with friends, and give mom-to-be best wishes and memories. A baby shower monkey theme can be what you are looking for and it’s one of the modern themes out there, and it’s a great unisex theme too. The one type of monkey theme that is getting popular is Sock Monkey.

baby shower monkey theme

Sock Monkey Baby Shower Pack

Yes, planning a baby shower can take many hours to prepare, and there are a lot of decisions for the hostess to make along the way. However, at the end, all your efforts will be rewarded and having an overall theme for the baby shower makes your tasks organized.

Monkey Themed Baby Shower Invitations

monkey baby shower invitations
Printable Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

Wonderful invitation cards can be sent out to guests with monkeys on them. Wording can be simple and cute just like:

Happy mommy-to-be
is swinging from the trees

Monkey see, monkey do
You are invited too

You can buy printable invitations cards and print them out on your computer.  These will be personalized for you.  Invitations are also available in the bundle packs (which include plates, napkins, etc).

girl monkey baby shower invitation

Girl Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Monkey Theme Decorations

Decorate with monkey style! Now, this is the fun part to decorate the venue. If you think about monkeys, you think about palm trees, jungle, bananas, the colors brown/green/orange, curious George, etc..

monkey girl baby shower decorations

Girl Monkey Baby Shower Decorations

So base yourself on this and you can decorate your room with the color palette you have chosen.  Unisex can have yellow and brown as the primary, for boys blue and brown and for girls pink and brown.

Monkey Girl – Confetti and Balloon Party Decorations – Combo Kit

You can go wild with all types of decorations.  You can buy ready made ones or you can make your own.  Some baby shower ideas for DIY are palm trees, bananas on the table with a stuffed monkey animal as a centerpiece.

printable monkey baby shower pack

Printable Baby Shower Pack

Balloons and streamers are always easy to find and are a great way to decorate your place inexpensively.

For some extra touch you can have some jungle music in the background

Here is a great package that has everything for a monkey themed baby shower. It can be in pink or blue.

Monkey Boy – 16 Person Party Kit

Baby Shower Favors

If you are looking for ideas on monkey theme baby shower favors, I have found few for you that can help you put together these little thank you gifts for your guests.

First would be bulk Hershey chocolate kisses with monkey stickers that you can purchase here.  You can place them in any type of favor bag.

Another idea would be mason jars with personalized stickers.  These are actually less than $2! You just have to by the candy you like and it makes a perfect little favour.

Personalized Baby Shower 4 oz. Mason Jars

Lastly you can get these pretty labels for TIC TACS.  You receive a pack of 28 labels and you stick them on. You can find TIC TACS in bulk here (they are approx. 72cents each).

Monkey Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Monkey Stickers for TIC TACS

Baby Shower Monkey Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes can be added to your decor as a centerpiece on the main table or even mini diaper cakes on each guest table.  And after the party, the mom can keep them as she will need many, many diapers when baby will come!

monkey baby shower diaper cake

Monkey Baby Shower Diaper Cake

sock monkey baby shower diaper cakes

Sock Monkey Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Monkey Food

But of course, go with banana cake, or banana splits for dessert. Other foods can be appropriate like Brazilian nuts placed in bowls around the table.  You can buy these little plastic monkeys and decorate them on cupcakes or even as party favors.

Sandwiches can be cut out in monkey or banana shapes with the help of cookie cutters.

Baby Shower Games

There are tons of games out there for baby showers, but if you are looking for a particular monkey theme game, you can find some that are printable.

printable moneky baby shower games
Printable Monkey Baby Shower Games

One you can create yourself is pin on the monkey (instead of donkey).  Have a big picture of a monkey and create a banana shape for the pin.  Blind fold the guests, and let them pin the banana on the monkey tail!

Hope you enjoyed the monkey theme baby shower and can maybe send your creations for everyone to see!

Monkey Girl – Baby Shower Do It Yourself Straw Decor Kit – Set of 24


  1. Claire Schneeberger (WA) says:

    I love the monkey theme, I think it works so well for unisex parties. Your theme is very comprehensive and will definitely make my life a lot easier the next time I plan a baby shower. Most of all I think the nappy cake is a brilliant idea – I wish I had this at my baby shower – one can never have too many nappies 🙂