Baby Shower Theme Ideas


 baby shower theme ideasYour choice of baby shower party theme makes the whole remaining portion of the planning (more or less) a simple task. A theme provides any celebration a starting point and provides a way to define the options of every little thing from your coloring scheme to what types of favors. Certainly, there are several baby shower theme ideas to select from.

Because there are many adorable baby shower themes available, by far the most challenging part of this aspect of planning might just be selecting the most suitable one. If you are a clever host, get together with the expectant mom ahead of time to begin going over the special event specifics. The baby shower is, in spite of everything, supposed to be mommy’s special day, thus it is a good idea that the guest of honor should certainly take part in the decision-making phase.

Surprise Baby Shower Theme

In the event that the baby shower is prepared as being a surprise, typically the hostess won’t be able to directly talk to the guest of honor about her likes, however the hostess ought to be close enough to the expectant mommy to be aware of a bit as to what she likes and dislikes (you can always ask her best friend or the mom-to-be’s mother). The hostess may be aware of the baby’s sex, perhaps even whether the expectant mother has already picked out a theme, or at least a color scheme, for the little one’s nursery, knowing that kind of information is a great way to begin the theme selection process.

Type of Baby Shower

Prior to planning a baby shower theme, it is advisable to determine the ‘tone’ of the baby shower party. Will it be conventional or informal? Will the shower be a ‘ladies only’ get together, or will the guys be invited as well? If the men are welcomed, it usually is a good idea to go easy on the frilly decoration. Themes in such cases may be more adult-oriented, if desired. Baby shower theme ideas which include sports theme (particularly if the child is a boy) or maybe a luau theme during the summer which goes nicely for showers which may include men.

If the men aren’t going to be welcomed, then your theme choices are wide open. Take a look at a small number of traditional possibilities:

Tea Party
Ahoy -It’s a Boy!
Baby Dr. Seuss

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The baby shower theme can also be built around an idea say for example a ‘Safety Shower’ in which party guests bring in presents which are aimed at baby safety or a ‘Pamper Mom-to-Be’ theme where guests give presents to comfort the expectant mother. Baby shower themes for second or third child can be applied also. A scrapbooking theme is perfect for the mommy which might love this kind of hobby. All kinds of baby-inspired cardstock and decorating extras are readily available in scrapbook merchants. You can always do a nice collage of her baby pictures and post them as decoration (maybe hanging them on a ribbon and attaching them with mini pink or blue safety pins).

The final thought is, the imaginative baby shower party hostess often will make just about any baby shower theme work, if she’s prepared to invest both the time and money. Pulling off a baby shower theme might get costly, particularly when numerous friends and family are anticipated. In the long run, it does not matter whether or not the plates and napkins will be white colored or themed given that they will end up in the trash. What truly counts is always that everybody has a relaxing and noteworthy day!


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