Best Coed Baby Shower Ideas


Coed baby shower ideasMore and more couple baby showers are becoming popular.  Men don’t want to be left out on this beautiful celebration of expecting their first born. So instead of having (traditionally) one guest of honor, we have two – Mom and Dad. Coed baby showers are special as you have both the expectant parents in the shower as part of the party to celebrate with their friends and family as they might not have much free time to share with their loved one after the baby is born! In this post, we take a look at some of the best coed baby shower ideas.

Plan the Coed Baby Shower

If you are planning a couples baby shower, and I’m assuming you have gotten the okay from both of them, then a guest list is required to invite their friends and family members.  You might not know all of dad’s friends, so let him know in advance that he’ll be part of the planning and will be expected to recruit his friends!  (let’s see if he’s up to the challenge…what? You’re inviting me to a baby shower? Are you serious?)

 Find a Male co-Host

Finding a male co-host is a great way of getting guys to participate in the shower especially if the co-host is a friend of the dad to be. It will help if your co-host already has a child, so he knows something about babies! Having the co-host picked early enough will help rally in the guys, as well as help, guide them in the gifts to buy.
luau coed baby shower theme

Best Coed Baby Shower Themes

Choose a theme with the dad/boys in mind, however do remember there is still mommy in the picture. It is for this reason that you should pick a theme that will go well with both parents. I would not recommend lace, glitter, or tulle for this occasion. Make it casual and straightforward, a luau or a barbecue can be fun. You should also consider a sports theme especially if the dad-to-be roots for a particular team. However, you should keep the decor to a minimum; it should keep the guys from running to the local bar while at the same time keeping the mom happy!

Coed Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

After coming up with a guest list, I would suggest to consult with both parents and ensure that the wording in the invitations is liked by both. I would advise to avoid using the word “shower” and use “celebration” or “party” since shower might give out the image of girl talk or girly type party. Your wording should clearly indicate both parents as guests of honor on the invite and show that the party is for both women and men alike.


 Coed Baby Shower Decorations

Depending on what theme you have chosen, many decorations are available online.  Luau, BBQ, Mexican Fiesta (click on the images to see more description on the products).

ForLuau, think pineapples, grass skirts, lei, flower garlands, tiki torches, luau party plates…

For BBQ, think checkered table cloths, chef’s hat, hamburgers, hotdogs, refreshment bar, balloons….

For Mexican Fiesta, think sombrero, pinatas, cactus, colorful plastic margarita glasses, maracas, jalepenos…

Fun Coed Baby Shower Game Ideas

This is another part that you should discuss with both the parents.  The guests may just be comfortable mingling and talking at the shower. Games may just send the men out of the room as fast as the awkward conversations mentioned above. However, if you decide to have games at the shower, remember that you have guys participate and not alienate them (so avoid any crafts projects).  Note that men like competitive games and including prizes may motivate them to participate in the games. Some games to consider include; baby bottle drinking contest, baby picture contest, changing dirty diaper contest, men dressing up as babies, diaper raffle, guess the baby food, and diaper relay race among others.

bbq coed baby shower theme       coed baby shower food

Coed Baby Shower Food

Don’t forget the food! Because you will have hungry men growling at you! Entertainment should be the least of your worries but consider food to be the main event. Mini food fingers or appetizers might not be the best option.  The food you prepare should appeal to both female and male guests and should be hearty. As I mentioned earlier, consider a BBQ coed baby shower theme as it is loved by many and will take less time planning than the usual baby showers. In a barbecue setting, you are likely to find the guys gathering around the grill while the ladies will be catching up on the patio.

A Mexican Fiesta is also a great idea for a couples’ baby shower theme and will be a sure hit if you go all the way and make your own taco bar! If you are bringing in a caterer for the event, then you should ensure you have more than enough food; needless to say, guys have a bigger appetite than ladies.

coed baby shower food                 couples baby shower ideas

Coed Baby Shower Beverages

Don’t leave out drinks! Just because the mom-to-be can’t drink doesn’t mean the guests can’t. Have some cold beers or small bar cart; the guys will love this especially at the barbecue. You can also be creative and make a non-alcoholic signature drink in the honor of mommy-to-be (maybe some pineapple, coconut drink, top it off with a cheery and a nice decorative umbrella). The drinks may be helpful in getting the guests to loosen up a bit and take part in the games!

 Last Tip:  Avoid awkward conversations

Men like to talk about how they did on their last golf game, or watched a good sports game on tv and not labor pains, pregnancy issues, or the horror stories of diaper changing. Such discussions are sure to set the guys scrambling for the basement.  If such awkward conversations arise, you, the host, should have topic changer or have next game inline to play!

I would love to hear or see pictures of your couples party and hope I provided you with some coed baby shower ideas!

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  1. Renee Townsend says:

    I love the idea of coed showers! Often times guys skip out on everything baby once they finish the creation process. It beyond irritates me.

    I think part of the reason guys often skip out on things like childrearing is because they aren’t vested like women. No matter where we go, once we’re pregnant, we’re taking the kid along. We know all our decisions affect the baby. Then we top it off with labor and delivery.

    On the other hand, guys get to pick and choose what aspect they want to participate in throughout the pregnancy. Technically, the don’t have to be involved. They have an escape, where women don’t.

    So when I think of coed baby showers, I think the idea is awesome. It creates one more way for a man to get involved with the pregnancy. It creates another avenue for dad to bond and be a part of what’s going on with the baby before the first official meeting.

    I don’t have anything official. However, I imagine those dads who are more involved during the pregnancy have a better relationship with their children later.

    Like I said, great idea with the coed shower!