Fisher Price Baby Shower Theme & Ideas


This Fisher Price Baby Shower Theme started when Fisher Price came out with their Rain Forest series of baby goods. This is a superb idea if individuals like to have a forest or jungle/jungle or forest and animal baby shower theme. On the internet you will find many Fisher Price Rainforest items that can add to your baby shower party decorations.

Start off using the party invitations. Purchase the number required of rainforest cards you’ll need by counting the amount of attendees you’ll have.

Suggested color hues:

Dark Green, Dark Blue and Dark Brown /Green, Brown and/or Blue/Dark Green, Lime and Blue

Fisher Price Baby Shower Invitations:

Regarding phrasing on the invitation card, if blank, you could use the following:

Monkeys, Lions, Tigers, Oh my!
Hear the Latest Rainforest News
Mary and John Are Having A Baby,
Come To the Shower Along with Gifts They can Use!

 Fisher Price Baby Shower Decorations:

To make and appear the sense of the jungle, you possibly can make palm trees by obtaining bare card board rolls from a carpeting retail store. Cover the roll with green, brown/dark green, green and brown paper garlands (you can even braid them for additional effect). You can find more Fisher Price baby shower decorations here;

To create the foliage, you can use green, brownish, as well as golden shade wrapping paper (or tissue paper). Have 3 to 4 tissue papers stacked together, fold them in two (long side), then cut out shape of a large leaf, and then cut the edges in riffles. Put a wire inside the creased / folded part (could be cut from a hanger) and fix on the roll. Create about four of these to obtain the palm tree affect.

Jungle Safari Fisher Price Balloon Bouquet- 16 pieces

Otherwise you can invest in an inflatable palm tree. Hand made or bought trees are usually placed in the corner of the room next to the gift table.

Fisher Price Baby Buggy, 31″, balloon

You are able to also find big cords, possibly even wrap paper and connect them together to make a jungle vine effect. You are able to undoubtedly buy foliage which you can attach / hang on walls and doorways, another great decorating idea is utilizing tissue paper with vibrant colors for example dark orange and reddish to make flowers. This could be affixed to the vines, or on walls and doors.

Fisher Price Paper Lantern Pack
Not surprisingly this approach could be time consuming when creating these sort of homemade decor.
To provide the very best jungle impact, you will want several stuffed toys like tigers, monkeys, parrots, turtles, lizards, and so on… You’ll be able to suspend the parrot or monkey/monkey and parrot from one of the vines, or have a wildlife toy bent over a large punch bowl as if it had been stopping to enjoy a drink. The fluffy creatures can be obtained and offered as a baby shower gift for the mom.

Fisher Price Decoration

Fisher Price Baby Shower Tableware

For table decorations you’ll be able to use the standard party decor: blue colored water using a floating candle (or maybe flower formed candles), around the bowl/it you can position the tissue flowers you created. You could place a bowl of green and blue/blue and green M&Ms or some various other type of colored snack. Ideas for Fisher Price tableware.

Fisher Price Tablecloth
Make sure you remember matching balloons and table linens to really tie up the rainforest theme baby shower. You’ll be able to get a Fisher Price Rainforest product or two that can be also presented as the shower gift. Hope this will inspire your creativity for the jungle fever theme.

Safari Cupcake Picks

Safari Cupcake Liners

Vinyl Safari/Jungle Zoo Animals (2″) 

 Fisher Price Baby Shower Party Supplies  

To add to your safari/jungle theme, here are some more products you can use.  Love this jungle theme ribbon, great for decorating a baby shower cake or other DIY projects.

Satin Jungle Theme Ribbon – 1 1/2″

Few games for your baby shower…here is a Fisher Price one. You can find more unique baby shower games here.

Fisher Price Baby Shower Game Kit

Safari/Jungle Baby Shower Pictures

safari baby shower cake ideas     safari baby shower cupcake ideas

I wish you all the best on your next Fisher Price jungle theme baby shower!  Please share your pictures so others can get some more ideas!


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