Amazing Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Supplies & Ideas !!!


One of the popular and classic themes is the rubber ducky theme. There are many fun rubber ducky baby shower supplies out there and this theme can be used for both boy and girl.  When you think about baby ducks, you think about bath time so rubber ducky products can be easily found everywhere especially online.

rubber ducky baby shower supplies

image credit My Little Angel Decorations

Main colors for this theme is blue and yellow. But now you can also find pink rubber duckies if you would like for a girl party, so you can have pink, yellow and blue (duckies need some water!).

Blue Rubber Ducky Balloons           Pink Rubber Ducky Balloons

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Invitations

Rubber Duck Ducky Diaper Baby Shower InvitationRubber Ducky Baby Shower INvitation
Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Invitations

There are many invitations you can buy with ducks and wordings are also included. However if there aren’t any, you can maybe use the following wording:

Ashley’s so lucky, she’s having a ducky!
Splish Splash, come join the party!

Here are some other invitations cards you can use.  Remember you can always make your own invitation cards if you are on a budget.  Check out Ducky Duck – Baby Shower Fill In Invitations

rubber ducky baby shower ideas

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Decorations

To decorate the room or hall, balloons are always a good idea, use blue and clear balloons to look like soap bubbles. Paper plates, cups and napkins in the duck theme would be lovely. This will help very much on your décor.  Here are some party supplies you can use; rubber duck tableware or rubber ducky party kit.

Polka Dot Balloons

Every party needs at least one of these; streamers, garlands, tissue poms poms or paper lanterns.  This is an easy way to enhance the decorations for the party at a minimum cost.  Some of these decorations can also be handmade if you have the time.

Yellow Rubber Ducky Bubble Bath Baby Shower Paper Plate
Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Paper Plates 
 If you want to go more simple and something less expensive, you can always go with these polka dot tableware;

You can also add duck plush toys and spread around some confetti around to add some more ducky feel.

As per picture below, this is a cute way of decorating your tables. If you want to recreate this, you can find these blue gel beads here and most probably you can find these small bowls at your local dollar store.  The mini ducks are found here.

rubber ducky baby shower ideas

You can always add rubber ducky baby shower confetti on your main table such as the dessert table or on each guest table.  You can also use these to make some other decorations or thank you cards/tags.

rubber ducky baby shower confetti

Garlands can be used everywhere, same as balloons, here is a pretty garland with yellow and grey colors.

rubber ducky baby shower garland

Rubber Ducky Garland

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Ideas

On the buffet or candy table you can buy an inflatable duck tub and fill them with guest favors and add few mini rubber ducks for accent (like mother and her little babies).  The tub then can be used by mommy afterwards.

Duck Inflatable Bath Tub

The gift table can be also decorated with a baby bath with duck and/or bath theme presents: burp cloths, wash cloths clothes, baby items…

rubber ducky baby shower theme

A wonderful centerpiece for a rubber ducky theme baby shower is a glass container filled with water (with a dash of blue food coloring) and have a rubber ducky floating or mini duck candles. Duck shaped soaps can be added on table and used party favor giveaways. Other favors can be bubble bath, bath salts or duck shaped candles.

Ducky Honeycomb Baby Shower Centerpiece – 9 3/4″ high x 9″ wide

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Food

One food idea would be to use a punch bowl, but instead use blue Hawaiian punch with some 7-up or carbonated water. Instead of a punch bowl you can use a dispenser.

Ducky Cupcake Picks    Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers
Cupcakes can be easily made and decorated with pretty cupcake paper cups and icing can be blue to simulate water and add duck picks, so it would be like the baby duck is swimming.  Here are some ideas;

rubber ducky baby shower food  rubber ducky baby shower supplies
You can also make a cake in a shape of a duck, found here.

Another easy food item would be cookies in shape of a duck.  Decorate them in the same color scheme and these can be also a perfect favor for the guests when they leave.  You can also use the duck cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches on that shape.

duck cookie cutters

Cookie Cutter Set 

Recreate these cute ducky baby shower cookies for your next baby shower with the above cookie cutter set.

ducky baby shower cookies

When creating food items, always put the little cards indicating what type of food it is. You can write them or print them out.

For a girl shower, here is an adorable pink rubber ducky theme baby shower cake. Hope this creates some ideas!  The little yellow and pink duckies are found here;

pink rubber ducky baby shower decorations

 Yellow Paper Straws

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Favors

There are  many cute favors you can buy and make.  A simple on is putting sweet tart candy ducks in a clear plastic favor bag, tied in a duck ribbon. You can print and cut out simple tags to add an extra touch as shown in picture below. You can also get 1 bl of bulk sweet tart duck candy in yellow only here.

Add cute baby shower stickers to your favors; one of my favorites are;

Adorable Yellow Blue Rubber Ducky Baby ShowerAdorable Yellow Blue Pink Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Square Sticker

Blue Yellow Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Stickers     Rubber Ducky Stickers – Pink


Bulk Duck Sweet Tart Candy

Another idea for a favor would be little duck soaps, here is an example, pre-packaged for you. They are $2 each.

Rubber Ducky Soap

Ducky Baby Shower Diaper Cake

What will a baby party be without a cute baby shower diaper cake.  There are many to chose from. You can find many online or you can get creative and make your own.

rubber ducky baby shower mini diaper cakes

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Mini Diaper Cakes – set of 4

Here is a pretty 2-tier diaper cake which comes with Johnson & Johnson products, receiving blankets, sponge, washcloth, bottle brush…  It’s about 13 inches high, so if you think it’s too small for your centerpiece table, you can always place it on a decorative box to elevate it (just take a plain box, or shoe box and wrap it with nice theme paper).

Ducky Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Games

printable rubber ducky baby shower games

Printable Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Games

An example of a game would be putting as many items as possible on a tray or even the baby’s bath tub, and show each guest the items for few seconds. Each guest will have a pen and paper, when the last guest looks at the item, the hostess says ‘start now’ then each guest writes down all the items they can remember.  You can give them maybe a minute to write this items.  The one that has the most listed items is the winner. Here are some items you can use:


Here are more baby shower game ideas you can chose from.

Ideas are endless but hope these ones are helpful to you. If you are contemplating if you should chose this theme, don’t worry rubber ducky baby shower theme is always a great hit!  Have any other ideas? Would love to hear them!

rubber ducky baby shower corsage

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Corsage

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